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1183 Lifestyle Group real estate company in the Dominican Republic, offers sales and rentals of properties in Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic. We have a large selection of houses, villas, apartments, condominiums, commercial businesses, land, land land lots and farms.

1183 Lifestyle Group is located in Santo Domingo.

Santo Domingo Real Estate

1183 Lifestyle Group - Santo Domingo - Dominican Republic
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providing service in Santo Domingo, Juan Dolio, La Romana, Casa de Campo, Bavaro-Punta Cana and Uvero Alto. 1183 Lifestyle Group offers Dominican Republic Real Estate with numerous options for each clients need, and personal lifestyle. Santo Domingo real estate hot zones are not only closely related with The Colonial Zone (In Spanish, "Zona Colonial"Santo Domingo is a Historic part of the city, where is the house of Christopher Columbus, a Genoese navigator, colonizer and explorer) or El Naco areas (High end residential area in Santo Domingo, but we can offer you many other residential zones in Santo Domingo with wonderful real estate properties.

Saint Dominic also known as Dominic of Osma, Dominic de Guzmán and Domingo de Guzmán Garcés (1170 – August 6, 1221) was the founder of the Friars Preachers, called the Dominicans or Order of Preachers, a Catholic religious order.

Santo Domingo de Guzmán (commonly shortened toSanto Domingo) has around 2.5 Millions of population, and is located on Caribbean Sea and the mouth of the Ozama river.   The city was founded by Christopher Columbus in 1496 and it is a first city in the "New World".  Dictator Rafael Leónidas Trujillo Molina gave the name to city by itself, so it was called Cuidad Trujillo until 1961. 

At the time before Columbus, the island had name Quisqueya (mother of all lands) and Ayiti (land of high mountains), and was governed by a system of Cacicazgos Taino indians (chieftains) consisting of five divisions: Marién, Maguá, Maguana, Jaragua and Higüey.

The most importand building would be Catedral Santa María La Menor, the first Catholic cathedral in America. Santo Domingo Real Estate


In 1586, Francis Drake invaded Island Hispaniola more than 50 years all but Santo Domingo was left to the mercy of the pirates. Then Santo Domingo was invaded by French in 1965-1970. Dominican Republic gained independence from Haitian rule on February 27, 1844 led by their national hero Juan Pablo Duarte. The year 1992 marked the 500th anniversary of Christopher Columbus discovery of America.



Ozama River The river flows 148 kilometers before entering into the Caribbean Sea, the point where Sans Souci Santo Domingo port is located. 

What Santo Domingo real estate can offer is following: Apartmens and Condos in residential buildings and modern towers (last decade practice), Villas, Houses and Land Lots  in prestigious areas as Naco, Arroyo Hondo, Piantini, Paraiso, Bella Vista, Sarasota.


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